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Student-Athletes Abroad

As a student-athlete, it may seem difficult to find a time to study abroad that works with your training and competition schedule.  We encourage you to meet with a study abroad adviser to discuss short-term programs or options that take place during your off season. You can work with an adviser to identify programs that have training facilities you could use while abroad. It is important to start the study abroad conversation with your coach early. If you are considering studying abroad, please be sure to talk with your coach and review the questions and resources below.

Questions to Consider

  • When is the best time to study abroad based on your training and playing schedule? Will you have any pre-season or post-season obligations? 
  • Which types of training facilities will you need to stay in shape while away?  Will you have access to these facilities through your intended study abroad program?
  • Do you have special dietary needs? Can these be accommodated in your host country?
  • Is it possible for you to join sports clubs abroad? If so, be sure to discuss compliance rules with your coach.  


Question: Do you have additional resources to share? If so, we'd love to hear from you.