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YSS Programs Abroad: Upon Return

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Welcome back!

We hope you had a rewarding experience abroad and we want to acknowledge that readjusting to life at home and at Yale can be bittersweet. You may experience a full and fluid spectrum of emotions, such as elation to reunite with loved ones, difficulty getting back into a routine, and disappointment to be away from the people and places you got to know abroad. Yale Study Abroad is here to support you as you navigate your return from study abroad.

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Complete Your End of Program Reports

Once your study abroad program has ended, be sure to complete the following:

  1. YSS Course Evaluation. You will receive this by email.
  2. Yale Summer Session End of Program Report Form. 
  3. ISA Report (If applicable)

Program reports serve three key purposes:

  • To offer you an initial point of reflection for your time abroad.
  • To provide Yale Study Abroad with student feedback that will be used in our advising and program assessment processes.
  • To share peer perspectives and advice with other Yalies.

Program reports are due by the following deadlines. 

  • Summer Abroad: September 1

Note:If you have a matter you would like to discuss with Yale Study Abroad, email or schedule an appointment with your study abroad adviser.

Incorporate Your Study Abroad into Life Back on Campus

Building Upon Your Experience

Now that you've returned to campus, we hope you will utilize these resources to help integrate your study abroad experience(s) into your life back at Yale.

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