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YSS Programs Abroad: Program Policies

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On a Yale Summer Session Program Abroad, admitted students are expected to comply with the Yale College Undergraduate Regulations, even while abroad, in addition to the regulations found in the Program Guidebook and the Yale Summer Session Student Handbook, both of which are included in students' MyCIPE accounts after admission to the program. Outlined below are more detailed policies related to Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad.

You are expected to familiarize yourself with these policies and should not expect to be reminded about them individually. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact studyabroad@yale.edu.



Admission to any program is based on individual qualifications and is not guaranteed. These programs, including the languages courses, have limited seats available and we often receive more applications than seats in the program. Admission is also contingent on the absence of individual student disciplinary matters. For more information about eligibility requirements, review the eligibility section.

Academics and Attendance

Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad are intensive in nature, with an entire semester or academic year of course material condensed into a limited number of weeks. To receive credit, students are expected to attend every class and participate fully in all aspects of the program, including scheduled trips and activities. Arriving late for the start of the session, or leaving early, is not permitted and will not be allowed under any circumstances. Any issues regarding attendance should be discussed with the Director of Study Abroad.

If a program has more than one course, participants are required to complete all program courses.

Students are expected to:

  • Arrive punctually, both before class and after any breaks, and stay for the duration of the class.
  • Come to class prepared, having done the readings or assignments.
  • Contribute actively to class discussions, and/or show active listening and engagement.
  • Follow classroom policies related to cell phone and laptop use, food consumption, and other expectations for respectful behavior.


  • Illness. Your program instructor in consultation with the Director of Study abroad will determine the documentation necessary to excuse an illness-related absence.
  • Religious observance. If you plan to observe religious holidays while abroad such that you would miss classes or activities, you must write to the Director of Study Abroad prior to the start of the program detailing what programs dates you intend to miss. Together with the Dean of Summer Session, the Director of Study Abroad will determine what reasonable accommodations might be possible.
  • Extenuating circumstances. Should a serious event beyond your control arise that impacts your ability to participate in any aspect of the program, write to the Director of Study Abroad immediately. Rarely would a student be approved to miss more than a day or two of the program under any circumstances, but such cases will be considered on an individual basis.

Note: Given the rigorous schedule of Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad, students may not participate in any additional courses or programs while the YSS Program Abroad is in session.  This restriction extends to courses offered online.  Participation in additional endeavors outside of the program, such as internships, research, or other independent activities, are highly discouraged and may only be undertaken with rare permission, requested by e-mail and with permission granted by the Director of Study Abroad four weeks or more prior to the start of the program. 

There are no Dean's Excuses during the summer.

FAQ: Excused & Unexcused Absences

Excused Absences

Yale Summer Session programs do not allow for Dean’s Excuses, which are written forms signed by a residential college dean authorizing the postponement of written work or exams during term-time study in New Haven. If a student cannot attend a particular class period due to an emergency or serious illness, they should let the instructor know ahead of time if at all possible. If this is not possible, let the instructor know as soon as is practical.

Unexcused Absences

Anything not an emergency or serious illness is considered an unexcused absence. Students will receive a zero for participation on any missed assignments, quizzes, or presentations and are not permitted to reschedule or make up work that results from unexcused absences.

Group Dynamics

Yale Summer Session programs abroad rely on a positive group dynamic that is fostered most effectively by every student in the group engaging productively and respectfully with each other, with local hosts, and with the faculty leading the program both inside and outside of the classroom.

Car Rental/Driving Abroad

Students are not permitted to operate a motor vehicle (including cars, motorcycles, and scooters) for the duration of the program. Class location, housing, and other program activities have been coordinated so that the stduent may access these locations by walking, biking, or taking public transportation.


For financial policies, including cost, payment information, funding, and refund policies, review the costs and funding page


Students are not allowed to host guests (family or friends) while the program is in session. Given the intensive nature of the program and the number of scheduled excursions and activities, students should schedule time with guests before or after the program dates.

Housing Abroad

Housing during the program is arranged for each participant on a YSS Program Abroad, and individually-arranged housing beyond what is provided by YSS is NOT an option. Once admitted, specific information about your program's particular housing arrangement is found in the pre-departure forms in your MyCIPE account. Students are expected to abide by all housing rules and regulations, which will be shared as part of your program orientation. Students who have concerns about their housing due to religious, dietary, or disability-related needs should be in contact with Yale Study Abroad well in advance of the start of the program.

Note: Program-provided housing is required for enrollment and participation in the program; students may not arrange for or stay in their own housing while abroad.

Any student in violation of these policies might face dismissal from the program. 

Liability for Damaged or Lost Items

You are financially responsible for any items in program housing that you damage or lose (such as a house key, which might further require a change of locks, etc.). Liability also extends to any broken or lost items in any other lodgings (such as a hotel) utilized during the program.

Link: The University urges all students to obtain insurance to protect against the unlikely occurrence of loss or damage to their personal belongings.

Independent Travel

Unless otherwise indicated by the program's instructor, travel is not permitted outside of the program host country while the program is running.

During free weekends when no program activities are scheduled, we encourage you to continue to immerse fully in the location of the program. If, having secured the instructor's permission, you choose to travel independently to another location, you must inform your instructor by filling out a travel registration form of your travel details, including:

  •     Travel Dates
  •     Transportation plans
  •     Accommodations

Again, you are not permitted to miss any required portion of the program due to independent travel, including unexpected delays in returning to the program site. See the Attendance Policy.

Programs that Begin in New Haven

If your program starts on Yale's New Haven campus, there are additional regulations that apply to your participation. You must review these specific policies, which are in the Yale Summer Session handbook. If you opted to be placed in Yale campus housing while your program is in New Haven, you should review all housing and meal information as well, found on the Yale Summer Session website.

Note: If you have opted for campus housing and no longer need it, you will receive a full refund of the New Haven Housing - Room & Board cost only if you opt out of campus housing by 4:00 p.m. EST the Friday before the start of the program by e-mailing studyabroad@yale.edu. You will receive a partial refund if you notify the Housing Manager in the Summer Housing Office, have your room inspected, return your room keys, and vacate the room before 4 pm (EST) Friday of the first week of classes. No refunds will be given after this time.

Credit/D/Fail for Yale College Students

A limited number of Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad have courses which are available for Yale College students to elect to receive a grade of Credit/D/Fail. Click here to learn more about the Credit/D/Fail policies.

Attending Political Gatherings (i.e. Protests and Demonstrations)

Do not attend protests or demonstrations of any kind while abroad, regardless of your passion for the cause. Even demonstrations that are intended to be peaceful can turn violent without warning. As a foreigner, your participation may also be illegal and can carry severe consequences, including arrest. If you hear about a protest or demonstration in advance, avoid the affected area. If you encounter a protest or demonstration, adjust your route and relocate to another area. Do not document the event.

Alcohol and Drug Use

Alcohol use abroad could detrimentally affect your health and safety in ways that could prove even more challenging than when at home. In all cases, be aware of the minimum legal drinking age in your location and drink responsibly should you decide (and are legally able) to do so. While you may consume alcohol if it is culturally appropriate and legal to do so, alcohol overuse and any related unruly behavior will serve as cause for dismissal from the program.

There is a zero-tolerance policy for recreational drug use even if such use is legal in the location abroad. If you are found using or possessing recreational drugs, you will be dismissed from the program, and no refunds will be given.

Dismissal from the Program

Any student who is dismissed from the program receives neither grade nor credit and is not qualified for any refund except as under the ordinary refund policy.