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YSS Programs Abroad: While Abroad

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We hope that your time abroad is filled with enriching new academic and personal experiences. 

TOC: While You're Abroad

Getting Support

International SOS

Yale has partnered with International SOS to provide both emergency and routine travel, physical and mental health, and safety assistance.

Call +1-215-942-8478 or use the International SOS Assistance App. Yale's Member Number: 11B824535.

Yale Study Abroad

Your study abroad adviser is still available to support you during your time abroad. Reach out any time you have questions or concerns. 

Yale University Library Support

This guide provides expert tools and tips in the use of Yale's e-resources.

Independent Travel Form

If you plan to travel away from your program during the program, you are required to fill out the Independent Travel Form.

Mental Health Resources & Being Well Abroad

Caring for yourself abroad may be different from your usual practices at home. Continue to prioritize your health and safety throughout your time abroad. By focusing on your well-being, you will be able to maximize the benefits of your experience.

While abroad, you continue to have access to the Community Wellness Specialists through the Yale College Community Care (YC3) program. Community Wellness Specialists can talk with you about a number of issues including stress management, communication skills, identity development, time management, LGBTQIA+ matters, approaching difficult conversations, mindfulness, self-compassion, boundaries, relationships, and overall wellness.


Note:If you become ill or injured abroad, or if you are seeking other medical or mental health support, reach out to your on-site program staff. If you need a medical referral or would like to speak with a mental health counselor, you can also contact International SOS.

Belonging Abroad

The ways in which you identify yourself and how you are perceived by local residents may be altered in a new cultural context. You may be interested in considering how to navigate your identities in your host country. 

Note: If you are dealing with identity-based harassment, reach out to your on-site program staff or Yale Study Abroad for support. If you feel threatened and/or are the victim of an identity-based crime, contact International SOS for guidance on your security and legal options. 

Adjusting & Engaging with a New Culture

Students experience the adjustment process differently. If you are having a difficult time connecting to your new location and community, or if you are eager to engage more meaningfully, consider these strategies. 

Note:If you are struggling to adjust, reach out to your on-site program staff or Yale Study Abroad for support. If you would like to speak with a counselor, contact International SOS to be connected with mental health services.

Plan for What Comes After YSS Programs Abroad

While abroad, you may be applying for opportunities that will take place during the following summer or next semester. With proactive planning, you will be able to balance these application processes with making the most of your time abroad.