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Heritage Seekers Abroad

Heritage seekers are students who study abroad to learn more about their cultural, racial, ethnic, or religious background.  As you prepare to study abroad, be aware that ideas and beliefs about your host country might be challenged. You may find that you are welcomed into the host community because of your shared heritage. However, you should also be prepared for the possibility that you may be viewed as an outsider because of cultural differences due to your nationality and/or upbringing. We encourage you to consider the questions below as you explore your study abroad options.

Questions to Consider

  • How will my heritage, race, ethnicity, and religion be perceived in my host country?
  • Do I speak the local language? How will that affect my experience?
  • Am I used to being in the racial or ethnic minority or majority in my home country? Will this be different in my host country? If so, how might that feel?
  • How are the cultures and traditions of my host country similar or different to those with which I was raised?
  • How might I respond if someone makes incorrect assumptions about my identity and connection to the host culture? 


Question: Do you have additional resources to share? If so, we'd love to hear from you.