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YSS Programs Abroad: Application & Deadline

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Important Dates 

Updated Program Budgets Available January 2024
Application Opens (see next section) Start of Spring semester
Application Deadline February 6, 2024
Admissions Decisions Announced March 1 - March 15, 2024
Final Day to come off the Waitlist March 29, 2024

Admissions Overview

You may only select one of the Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad in your online application. As the number of seats is limited in each program, admission cannot be guaranteed. Students who are not admitted into their chosen program will be given the option to either be placed on the waitlist of their chosen program or select a Yale Summer Session Program Abroad with spots still available, if applicable. For this reason, all applicants are encouraged to have a backup plan. Yale College students should consider applying to a Non-Yale Summer Abroad program as another option.

Applications are reviewed after the deadline to ensure that students meet any eligibility requirements and pre-requisites of the chosen program. Academic records and application essays are considered during the review process. Admission is also contingent on any individual student disciplinary matters. Applications from visiting university students are welcome. However, preference is given to Yale College students. The YSS Programs Abroad Committee makes the final admissions decisions.

Where Do I Access the Application?

The application will become available at the start of the Spring semester.

What does the Yale Summer Session Abroad application include?

The Summer Session Abroad application includes:

  • Application Form: This form includes questions about your intended study abroad program and tentative courses along with a brief personal statement (300-500 words). 
  • Academic Record Upload: You'll be asked to upload a copy of your current "course history" from Yale's Degree Audit system. Instructions are provided in the application.
  • Credit and Policy Documents: These documents include details about important Yale Study Abroad policies. You will be asked to read through the information and confirm your understanding of the policies.

How can I tell if my application is complete and has been submitted?

  • As you submit requirements, you will see them move from the "Items to Complete" section to the "Completed Requirements" section.
  • Once all requirements are completed, the progress wheel (in the instructions section) of your application will be full.
  • You also will have a pop-up prompt you to submit your application in full. You will see the submit button at the top of the application.
  • After you press the submit button at the top of the application, a banner will appear to confirm that your application has been submitted. Additionally, you will receive an email with the subject line "Your Study Abroad application has been submitted."

Please note that, due to the volume of applications received, Yale Study Abroad cannot confirm individually whether your application was submitted successfully. If you did not receive the automated email confirming that your application has been submitted, please log into your MyCIPE account to check your application. You can use the steps outlined above as a guide.

Why am I still getting messages that my application is incomplete if I already submitted it?

If you have submitted an application and still have received the "Study Abroad Application Reminder (Remaining Application Items Incomplete)" email, it is likely because you opened multiple applications and only submitted one of them (e.g., you opened a "Non-Yale Summer Abroad Application" and a "Non-Yale Summer Abroad Petition for a Program not on Yale's Designated List"). Please log into your MyCIPE account to withdraw any applications you do not plan to submit.