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Religion & Spirituality

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Religion & Spirituality Abroad

Religion is an important aspect of many cultures around the world. You should consider not only your personal spiritual or religious views and/or practices, but also the ways in which the dominant religion(s) in your host country affect the culture and, sometimes, laws. Whether you identify as a member of the dominant religion, a member of another religion, an agnostic, an atheist, or any other religious or spiritual affiliation, it will be important to understand general attitudes of religious tolerance and other religious observances in your host country.

Questions to Consider

  • Which religions are practiced in your host country?
  • Do religious beliefs influence local laws, policies, and practices?
  • How accepting is your host community about non-dominant religious groups?
  • Will you be part of a religious majority or a religious minority abroad?
  • Will you be able to talk openly about your religious or spiritual beliefs?
  • If you have dietary or other restrictions due to your religious beliefs, will they be accommodated by your study abroad program?
  • Are there local places of worship nearby where you will be able to practice your religion?
  • Are there any religious holidays that will be celebrated while you are living in your host country? 
  • If you visit a place of worship while abroad, what do you need to know before visiting (e.g. dress code, shoe removal, seating arrangements, etc.)?


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