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Non-Yale Summer Abroad: Academics & Credit

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Academics Abroad

Studying abroad during the summer is a great time to explore different academic interests or take a deeper dive into something you are already studying. Some students choose classes geared toward a possible major, while other choose classes in disciplines that would be hard to fit into their semester schedules. You could also find an opportunity to engage in hands-on or experiential learning. We encourage you to discuss your options with a study abroad adviser to help identify a program that meets your academic goals and needs.

TOC: How Credit Works

Getting Credit for a Non-Yale Summer Abroad 

To receive general transfer credit from a Non-Yale Summer Abroad program, you must:

These transfer credits count toward the 36 needed for Yale graduation, and grades earned on the program abroad do not show on the Yale transcript (a designation of "TR" appears instead) or impact your GPA. With careful planning, it may also be possible to fulfill major and/or distributional requirements with courses taken abroad.

Note:You cannot petition to earn credit for study abroad after the deadline has passed. Also, once transfer credit for study abroad has been added to the Yale College transcript, it cannot be removed.

Credit Transfer Amounts 

Term Abroad Credit Amount
Summer  Total of 2 transfer credits throughout all three summers (this 2-credit limit includes credit received for summer courses taken at another university in the U.S. and transfer credits earned during a leave of absence).
1 Summer + 1 Semester 6.5 transfer credits (See the Year or Term Abroad page to learn more about term-time credit transfer)

Note:The maximum number of study abroad credits you are allowed to transfer to Yale is 9.

Students who have already transferred in 1 or 2 credits from summer and who wish to study abroad for a full academic year may request that the University Registrar remove such credit from the transcript by petitioning the Committee on Honors and Academic Standing through their dean’s office. If that petition is approved, this summer coursework may continue to be applied toward major and distributional requirements even though it will no longer count toward the number of Yale graduation credits.

Course Load Requirements

In general, if you enroll in 1 summer course abroad that meets Yale's credit transfer requirements, you will be eligible for 1 transfer credit. If you enroll in 2 summer courses that meet Yale's credit transfer requirements, you will be eligible for 2 transfer credits. Most summer abroad courses follow a credit system that is different from Yale's system.

You should always confirm if the subject area is eligible for transfer credit, and for what amount, with your study abroad adviser. This includes if you plan to change your course(s) after your credit application has been approved by Yale Study Abroad.

Note: Due to the course load requirements abroad, students are not able to take any Yale-approved, credit-bearing courses outside of the program simultaneously. This includes, but is not limited to, an independent study with a Yale professor or an online course with Yale Summer Session.

Choosing Your Courses

Yale Study Abroad can grant transfer credit for courses that are offered within the academic disciplines available here at Yale at the undergraduate level. Some students plan to take courses within their major while others use this time as an opportunity to explore different academic interests.When possible, we encourage you to select courses that will help build on your learning of your host community and offer you the chance to engage in learning outside the classroom.

Note:When selecting your study abroad courses, please note that credit cannot be granted for:

  • Any course in which the grade earned is lower than a C-
  • Any course taken Pass/Fail
  • Internships or service learning courses
  • Pre-professional courses, such as business, marketing, management, accounting, journalism, communications, and law courses or other courses in disciplines that are not offered at the undergraduate level at Yale
  • Courses abroad that duplicate the content of courses already completed at Yale and for which credit has already been awarded
  • Courses that are taken outside of the program (e.g., an independent study with a Yale professor or an online course)
  • Courses that are not completed

As part of the Non-Yale Summer Abroad application, you will be asked to list your courses as part of the approval process. If you change your courses after approval, you must inform your study abroad adviser to confirm that your newly selected courses are eligible for transfer credit. If you do not inform Yale Study Abroad, you could risk not earning transfer credit.

Grades & GPA

Your Yale transcript will list your program, course titles, and number of credits earned. Grades from your Non-Yale Summer Abroad will not be listed on your transcript; therefore, they are not factored into your Yale cumulative GPA nor used to calculate eligibility for General Honors (cum laude, etc.) and Phi Beta Kappa.

Even though your study abroad grades will not be listed on your Yale transcript, they do matter. You will receive an official transcript from your study abroad program with your grades listed. Yale Study Abroad reviews these grades for transfer credit eligibility, and some Yale departments may factor in these grades when determining Distinction in the Major. In addition, future employers, fellowships, and graduate schools may ask you to include your study abroad transcript in your application.

These transfer credits (TR) will not count toward the total number of Credit/D/Fail courses you are allowed. 

Pin: Your summer abroad will appear on your Yale transcript as:

Summer 20XX
Transfer credit awarded for course work at Name of Study Abroad Program/University

****    **              Total Credits     TR    2.00    2.00

INTL  STUDY    Course Title
INTL  STUDY    Course Title

                          Enrolled Credit: 2.00         Graduation Credit: 2.00

Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

If you will need academic accommodations during your summer abroad, we encourage you to visit our Disability-Related Accommodations page for resources and guidance. 

Fulfilling Major, Language, and/or Distributional Requirements Abroad

Fulfilling Requirements with Outside Credit

It is possible, but not guaranteed, to fulfill major and/or distributional requirements with courses taken abroad. Approval of these requirements is awarded at the discretion of the relevant academic department or academic dean.

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