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Sexual Harassment & Assault

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Sexual Harassment or Assault Abroad

Cultural sensitivity does not mean that you need to submit to behaviors that invade your personal boundaries or that make you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Educating yourself about sexual harassment, violence, and gender dynamics abroad can empower you and we encourage you to talk with your host family, your program, and local students to understand these cultural differences better. 

  • Consider cultural sensitivity & your personal boundaries
  • Learn social norms about personal space, touching, and gender dynamics
  • Balance independence with your own safety
  • Trust your gut
  • Tell someone if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe

Support if you have been harassed or assaulted

If you are sexually assaulted while abroad, or experience harassment, we encourage you to contact your in-country support (program director/faculty leader/international student office). They are the best first resource for you since they not only have the cultural knowledge but can also advise you about next steps legally and medically in that country.

Yale resources also remain available to you while abroad if you would like additional support and/or if you do not feel comfortable speaking with your in-country support:

Remember that a high priority is placed on confidentiality in these situations. 

Note: If you need immediate assistance or medical attention, contact one of the following:

  • Someone on your program's staff that is in-country, such as the director
  • International SOS: +1-215-942-8478 (Membership Number: 11B824535)
  • 24-hour Yale Security: (011) 1-203-785-5555
  • Yale Study Abroad Office: (011) 1-203-432-8684