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CIEE in Buenos Aires: Community Public Health Summer


The CIEE Community Public Health Program in Buenos Aires offers courses taught by public health specialists and Spanish language instructors to discover the challenges and successes of striving for wellness in Latin America. Gain field experience by helping public health practitioners and academics in Argentina and Uruguay. You’ll gain international perspective and experience in...

IFSA Butler in Argentina: Advanced Language and Culture in Buenos Aires Summer


Through the IFSA Butler Advanced Language and Culture Program at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, students take courses in Argentine culture, literature, and history, live with carefully selected host families, and participate in excursions outside of Buenos Aires.

IFSA Butler in Argentina: Argentine Universities Program


Located in one of the world's most exciting and cosmopolitan cities, the Argentine Universities Program (AUP) offers students the opportunity to enroll in up to four prestigious universities in Buenos Aires. In addition, there are several optional academic concentrations available in order to focus on a uniquely Argentine topic, as well as specially designed study abroad program...

IFSA Butler in Argentina: Mendoza Universities Program


With the option to take courses at two excellent universities in Mendoza, students on the Mendoza Universities Program can tailor their course schedule to meet their diverse academic needs. The Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (UNC), located in beautiful San Martín park, and the Universidad de Congreso (UC), located in the heart of downtown Mendoza, offer two uniquely Argentine...

SIT Argentina: Public Health in Urban Environments


Examine the challenges surrounding public health policy and inequities as well as issues related to urban epidemiology in Buenos Aires. This program provides students interested in public health, health sciences, development studies, and other disciplines with the opportunity to scrutinize health-related challenges in urban environments. The program is based at ISALUD University,...

SIT Argentina: Social Movements and Human Rights


Study Argentina's social movements and the country's historical and current struggles to guarantee human rights for its diverse populations. Located in the vibrant capital city of Buenos Aires, this program examines Argentina’s prolific and highly dynamic social movements. The program’s office is in one of the most renowned research institutions in Buenos Aires, the Centro de...

SIT Argentina: Transnationalism and Comparative Development in South America


Examine the social and economic development strategies of South America’s Southern Cone countries — Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. In this comparative study abroad program, students rapidly improve their Spanish while exploring the current economic and social realities of the countries comprising the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR). Students visit three additional...


IES Abroad in Santiago: Study in Santiago


The IES Abroad Santiago program offers a rigorous curriculum taught in Spanish. Students on this program may combine IES program courses with regular university courses at the Universidad de Chile and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. For students interested in health care, there is also an opportunity to enroll in a unique Health Studies option.

IFSA Butler in Chile: Chilean Universities Program


The Chilean Universities Programs in Santiago or Valparaíso offer students the chance to immerse themselves in Chilean culture. Students take a combination of program-taught course and regular university courses. Additional options include directed research, language partners, and volunteer opportunities. 

Dominican Republic

CIEE in Santiago, DR: Community Public Health Summer


The CIEE Summer Community Public Health Program in Santiago is designed for students with an interest in Spanish language, medicine, and the allied health professions in the context of underdevelopment and public health. By combining traditional classroom instruction with homestays and field work in both urban and semi-rural communities, students will explore the challenges...

CIEE in Santiago, DR: Liberal Arts


The CIEE Liberal Arts program in Santiago, Dominican Republic is designed for students with an interest in Caribbean area studies. The Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) is a private, nonprofit institution of higher education that has been ranked by the Inter-American Development Bank as the best academic institution of higher learning in the Dominican...


IES Abroad in Quito: Area Studies and Language


The IES Quito Area Studies and Language Program offers both study abroad program and university courses in a variety of disciplines. The program focuses on Ecuador's ecological and ethnic diversity and the challenges of development. Highlights include unique field trips to the Galápagos Islands and the Amazon region.

IES Abroad in Quito: Direct Enrollment at Universidad San Francisco de Quito


Study abroad on the IES Abroad Quito Direct Enrollment Program and take a full course load at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Not tailored to study abroad students, the Direct Enrollment academic experience allows you to take courses with local students and participate in all aspects of the university culture. 

SIT Ecuador: Comparative Ecology and Conservation


Explore tropical ecosystems and study biological sciences to support conservation efforts in Ecuador, one of the world’s most biodiverse countries. This program studies biological and ecological sciences applicable to conservation efforts, using key biological and ecological indicators such as plants, insects, birds, mammals, and other biological taxa. The program looks at the...

SIT Ecuador: Development, Politics, and Languages


Study Ecuador's development processes while considering the relationship between power and discourse as the country's multilingual and multiethnic populations strive for social change and sustainability. On this program, you will study power and politics in Ecuador, focusing specifically on both dominant development paradigms and resistant models that different groups have...

Yale Summer Session in Quito: Advanced Spanish Language and Andean Culture

Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad (YSS)

This course is a language program that explores the cultures and history of the Andean peoples through Ecuadorian and Latin American literature and films. The objective is for the students to understand, from a personal point of view, the complex relationships of the region within the context of today's modernity and rapid globalization of society. The students will practice...


IFSA Butler in Mexico: Mérida Universities Program


IFSA-Butler offers a semester and full-year study abroad program at the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (UADY) in Mérida, Mexico. The program allows you to enroll directly in classes at UADY with local students. In addition, the program offers classes designed specifically for study abroad participants, and an independent research option.

Universidad de las Americas (UDLAP) International


The Universidad de las Americas (UDLAP) International offers students a direct enrollment option in which you will take all your courses with local students. A wide variety of course options are available in the humanities and social sciences. 


IFSA Butler in Peru: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú


At the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), you not only attend excellent classes taught by some of the top professors in Peru, but you will also become involved in Peruvian social, economic and political issues through community service and research with major non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Lima.

SIT Peru: Indigenous Peoples and Globalization


Explore and examine how indigenous peoples in Peru are adapting and innovating to ensure the preservation of their cultural values and to shape their own future in the face of globalization and rapid change. This program explores and examines the social, economic, political, and cultural impacts of globalization on indigenous peoples, and the ways in which communities respond and...