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University of Cambridge, Pembroke College

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Program Information


Cambridge, United Kingdom


Academic Year, Fall, Spring



Minimum Language Requirement


Areas of Focus

Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, STEM


Direct Enrollment


Pembroke College, founded in 1347, is one of the University of Cambridge's oldest and most attractive colleges. It is ideally situated in the center of Cambridge, within a few minutes walking distance of most university buildings. Cambridge has the supervisor system, in which you meet weekly, one-on-one or in small groups with your supervisor (professor) to discuss your reading, your writing, ask questions, and receive feedback. Students take "papers" during the trimester, which is your course. Lectures supplement your independent work during the program. If this is appealing to you and you have a G.P.A. of 3.7 or more, then this might be the right option for you!

Given the highly independent nature of the supervision system, Pembroke requires visiting students to be juniors at the time of their enrollment.

Admission to Pembroke College is rolling and the semester option normally fills well before the stated deadline. Early application is strongly recommended. Students are advised to begin planning in their sophomore year, between October and December.

Application Options

You can choose to apply to Pembroke directly or through a designated study abroad provider. We encourage you to research both options and meet with a study abroad adviser before making a decision.

Apply directly

Students apply to Pembroke College, rather than to the University of Cambridge. You will fill out the application for admission directly through the college's website.  You can apply directly for an academic year abroad, an extended fall semester, or a spring semester (which is two Cambridge trimesters). The Cambridge academic year is October-June, with breaks in between each trimester.

Apply through this designated study abroad provider.

Applying through a study abroad provider still allows you to directly enroll at the university, but with an additional level of services and support from an organization that has a direct partnership with Pembroke College. Because of these additional services, it often costs more to study abroad through a provider than to apply directly through the university. IFSA has an option for the fall semester, academic year, and spring semester. If going in the fall semester, you must attend IFSA's fall option which includes an extended September semester for visiting students. Your transcript will come from the provider rather than Cambridge, but the transcript will list your study at Cambridge, Pembroke College, and the respective courses you attended.


Cambridge operates on a trimester system. You can attend for the full year, the equivalent of Yale's spring semester (two trimesters), or the fall semester under certain conditions, if it is an extended semester. If attending for the fall only, the program must start in September and be equal in length to the teaching weeks of the Yale fall term (September through December).

The academic year and spring semester end in June. Please make your summer plans accordingly.

The fall semester program is intensive because you are doing 2 papers in a compressed amount of time. Please consider this when applying for a fall semester at Pembroke College. The same amount of work in the spring semester is done in two trimesters (one paper each trimester) with a break in between.


Applying directly:

  • For an academic year abroad, you'd earn 9 transfer credits.
  • For the fall semester, you'd earn 5 transfer credits since you'll be completing 2 papers as part of the extended semester (the same course load as the spring semester).
  • For the equivalent of a spring semester, you'd earn 5 transfer credits for completing two trimesters.

Applying through IFSA:

  • For the academic year, you would earn 9 transfer credits.
  • For the fall extended semester: you'd earn 5 transfer credits since you'll be completing 2 papers as part of the extended semester (the same course load as the spring semester).
  • For the spring term, you would earn 5 transfer credits for completing 2 trimesters.

Note: 9 is the maximum amount of transfer credit that you can bring back to your Yale transcript.

Two-Part Application Process

Applying to a Year or Term Abroad or a Non-Yale Summer Abroad study abroad program is a two-part process. These are separate application processes with individual deadlines and can be done simultaneously.

  1. You must apply to your intended program for admission by applying online from the program’s website. Select the Program Website button below to be directed to more information.
  2. You must apply to Yale Study Abroad for approval to study abroad and the ability to transfer the credit back to your Yale degree. The designated list of programs on our website does not constitute pre-approval or automatic approval from Yale. You must apply to our office by the relevant deadline in order to be approved. Select the Apply to Yale Study Abroad button below to be directed to more information.

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