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International Study Award (ISA)

The ISA provides a stipend for one credit-bearing summer study abroad experience for eligible undergraduates receiving a Yale scholarship. You must apply to Yale Study Abroad and be approved for a Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad or Non-Yale Summer Abroad program. Yale Study Abroad does not administer the ISA. For all ISA-related details, including how to request funding, when it gets disbursed, how much funding you can expect, and more, visit the ISA website.

Program Information


London, United Kingdom





Minimum Language Requirement


Area of Focus

Social Sciences


Direct Enrollment


The London School of Economics (LSE) Summer School offers high quality teaching, a stimulating environment and the opportunity to meet with people from all continents. The wide spectrum of academic excellence in the social sciences at the LSE ensures the unique, intellectually powerful context within which these subjects are taught and researched.

Program Highlights

  • Courses taught during the Summer School are based on regular LSE undergraduate courses, and taught to the same standards.
  • Lecturers are experts in their chosen fields, our faculty are actively involved in academic research, and many act as advisers and consultants to companies and Government bodies.
  • An organised social programme will give you a chance to see some of the sights of London.

Program Length

The LSE Summer School is Yale's only exception to the rule that summer programs must be 4 weeks in length or longer to be eligible to transfer the credit back to your Yale degree. It is important to know that these 3-week courses are very short and the material moves very quickly. You should be prepared for this fast-paced summer school, and know that in your second week of the program, you will be taking a mid-term.

LSE offers three sessions. Yale students are limited to transferring in a total of 2 transfer credits throughout all their summers at Yale.  You can choose to apply for one transfer credit from a single course in a 3-week session or two transfer credits from two courses in two different sessions.


When selecting your courses, make sure that you read the course description carefully about the course-level. If you have any doubts about selecting a course, reach out to LSE to learn more about the difficulty level.

Courses are transfer credit eligible if they are offered by a department that exists at the undergraduate level at Yale, or prior approval was granted. Not all courses at LSE are eligible for transfer credit. View the PDF below to see the credit-eligible courses.

2024 LSE Courses Eligible for Transfer Credit

If you are interested in a taking a course for transfer credit, but it is not on this list, you can contact a relevant DUS and seek approval for general transfer credit for the course. Approval is not guaranteed. If you receive approval from a DUS, please forward the email from the DUS to Yale Study Abroad.

Being approved by Yale Study Abroad means that you are approved for your courses that were listed in your credit application. If you switch your courses after approval, you must let Yale Study Abroad know. If you switch courses and do not have them approved and they are not credit-eligible, you may not be able to earn transfer credit.

Final Grades & Transfer Credit

LSE gives students the option not to take final exams. In order to earn transfer credit, you must take the end of course exam and earn a final grade in the course. You need a C- or better in order to earn transfer credit.

Once the program is over, and Yale receives your transcript and processes it, you will see your course title and amount of credit earned on your Yale transcript. Transcripts generally arrive in late August and early September. Due to the high volume of students who study abroad in the summer, it may take 4-6 weeks for processing.

Our office will automatically receive the transcripts from LSE for any student who was approved by Yale Study Abroad to study abroad.

LSE School Code

There is no Yale school code for the LSE application.

Major Credit

Students interested in using the courses taken at LSE for the Economics major should carefully review the information on the Yale Department of Economics website and speak with the DUS of Economics. Students from other majors should consult their DUS about major credit. DUSes determine course eligibility for the major.

Two-Part Application Process

Applying to a Year or Term Abroad or a Non-Yale Summer Abroad study abroad program is a two-part process. These are separate application processes with individual deadlines and can be done simultaneously.

  1. You must apply to your intended program for admission by applying online from the program’s website. Select the Program Website button below to be directed to more information.
  2. You must apply to Yale Study Abroad for approval to study abroad and the ability to transfer the credit back to your Yale degree. The designated list of programs on our website does not constitute pre-approval or automatic approval from Yale. You must apply to our office by the relevant deadline in order to be approved. Select the Apply to Yale Study Abroad button below to be directed to more information.

Program Website Apply to Yale Study Abroad


International Study Award (ISA)

For Yale students on Financial Aid. To request ISA funding, eligible students must submit a credit application by the deadline, be approved by Yale Study Abroad, and intend to enroll in two consecutive 3-week sessions (6 weeks total), taking 2 credit eligible courses, one in each session. You must earn a final grade in each course. The ISA cannot be used to fund a single 3-week session.

You will have access to the ISA request form once you are approved by Yale Study Abroad and you must complete the form by the deadline.

LSE admits students on a rolling basis, and a payment is required upon admission to secure a spot for both tuition and housing. Applying for courses and for housing are separate processes, so make sure you do both. Do not wait to secure your housing if you are using an ISA. If you are a student whose financial aid percentage is between 80-100%, please reach out to the email listed below for more information about payment options. Do not delay in reserving your LSE housing because it will fill up, and again, if you have questions about anything LSE related and using your ISA to pay, please reach out to Simon Vollar, using his email below.

LSE Contact Information

Yale Study Abroad Adviser

Kathy Trputec