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Program Information


London, United Kingdom


Spring, Summer



Area of Focus

Arts & Humanities


Study Center


The advisers for this program are:

  • Jemma Field, Director of the Yale in London program, New Haven-based, Email Jemma
  • Rachel Prosser, Onsite Programme Manager, London-based, Email Rachel


This study abroad program is run by the Yale Center for British Art (YCBA) and Yale’s Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art (PMC)—a world-class research center in central London. This program is an exciting opportunity for undergraduates to take interdisciplinary Yale courses abroad to explore the arts, politics and culture in Britain, and through its diasporic and global histories. To learn more about this program, click on the button below.

Coursework & Credit

Courses change each term and are in humanities subjects, including art history, history, literature, politics and architecture. Courses make use of the collections and resources (museums, archives, public spaces) in London and elsewhere in the UK to explore different facets of the UK’s identity, impact and culture, both local and global. The courses you will take are Yale courses and earn Yale credit. They will appear on your Yale transcript as any other courses you take at Yale. The course titles and grades will appear and will be factored into your Yale GPA.

They are offered as small seminar classes and instructors include Yale University professors and world-leading academics, writers and thinkers from the UK. Courses are experiential and designed to ensure a significant amount of time is spent learning outside of the classroom. Day trips, visits to museums/sites/organisations and guest speakers are a key part of their delivery. 


  • Spring term: open to undergraduate students in their sophomore spring, junior spring, or senior spring. This is the only study abroad option for your senior spring term.
  • Summer program: open to students who have completed their first, second or third year at Yale. The program is open to all majors.

Note: Interested seniors, please make sure you have sufficient credits to graduate, or will be able to accumulate them during your time in London, by consulting your Director of Undergraduate Studies and Residential College Dean.

Contact Information

For more information about course offerings, housing, and fees, please visit The Paul Mellon Centre.

  • For general questions about the program: yaleinlondon@yale.edu
  • To schedule an appointment to speak with someone about the program contact: Yale in London Director in New Haven, Jemma Field


A single application for this program is required. Click the "How to Apply" button below to see the application details and deadlines. 

For Yale Students on Financial Aid

You can apply your Yale financial aid toward the cost of semester study abroad. There is also a Mellon Travel Grant. Click below for more details.

The International Study Award (ISA) can be used towards the cost of this program in the summer. For all ISA-related details, including how to request funding, when it gets disbursed, how much funding you can expect, and more, visit the ISA website below.

Learn More

Find detailed information about this program, including course information, dates, fees, and housing options, on the program website.

Review eligibility requirements, the application process, and deadlines:

How to Apply