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Connect with Yalies who studied abroad during the semester

Studying abroad for a semester (or year!) can be a truly rewarding experience, but don't just take it from us - ask fellow Yalies who have studied abroad before you. All of the ambassadors listed below are eager to share their experiences with you, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Ben Levin

I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina as part of the IFSA Argentine Universities Program. Highly recommend! A beautiful and fascinating city, and an unusually well-run program overall. Studying at the University of Buenos Aires was very strange and interesting. Happy to discuss the pros and cons of the program, heavy on the pros for me!"

Grace Ambrossi

Hi! I had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad in 3 different places as part of the SIT: Cities in the 21st Century program. My semester was incredibly complex in all ways, and I would be happy to talk to you about the pros/cons of the program, the course material, my experience jumping around, and anything else on your mind about SIT! I am so happy I went abroad, and I hope you take that chance too"

Sanelma Heinonen

Hi! I spent spring semester and summer 2019 in Berlin, Germany through the BCGS program. Along with studying at the Freie Universität Berlin, I also independently found and worked an internship in the city. I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to spend this time abroad and I really encourage everyone to take advantage of similar opportunities! I learned and experienced so much more than I would in one semester at Yale and made memories that I will carry with me for my whole life. I would love to talk more about studying or working in Germany or elsewhere!"

Eric Benninghoff

Hey guys! I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark with the DIS program and couldn't recommend it more highly. Not enough Yalies study abroad during semesters, and I hope some of you make the decision to help change that! Throughout my time in Copenhagen, I took immersive history and journalism courses that allowed me to explore the city, traveled to Brussels with my EU Politics class to visit the European Union's main institutions, took weekly salsa classes with my Danish roommate, wrote articles for the Copenhagen Post, and was invited into the warm home of my Danish visiting host family. The experience was freeing, fun, and challenging, and allowed me to explore many different places and cultures throughout Europe. Please reach out if you're thinking about DIS Copenhagen and want to learn more!"

Charlotte Van Voorhis

I studied abroad at the University of Cape Town in South Africa during my junior fall. I lived in a house off campus and studied South African Sociology and Sociolinguistics. Arcadia took us on excursions around the city including to a whale festival in a nearby city. In addition to classes, I took an isiXhosa language course, learned how to surf and trained for a 10k! I really enjoyed my experience in a completely different part of the world and really appreciated the opportunity to pursue different interests, rather than focus on extracurriculars, for a semester. Feel free to reach out--I'm happy to help answer any questions I can!"

Hannah Moreno

I studied abroad in Milan, Italy through the Bocconi University Economics Exchange Program. I absolutely loved my semester abroad - it was a unique opportunity to really live in another country and study side-by-side with local students at one of the best economics universities in Europe!! I also took the time away to really be independent and learn about myself. I’d be happy to talk to you about what it’s like leaving Yale, direct enrollment programs, studying abroad in Italy, etc - you can reach out about anything!"

Youssef Doss

Hello! I studied abroad in Ecuador with the IES program. I spent the first month in Quito and the remaining three months in the Galápagos Islands. It was such an incredible experience in so many ways and it is by far the best decision I’ve made since I came to college. If you have any questions about the program or just about living on an island for three months (or anything else) I’m more than happy to talk about it."

Laura Koech

I am definitely going back to New Zealand for at least two years. That is how much I loved it there. For me to do the experience justice, shoot me an email, and we'll talk. If you hadn't even considered New Zealand (I know I hadn't), I suggest that you look into it. All the best!"

Kathryn Paton

Hey! I studied abroad in Paris, France with CUPA my sophomore spring and stayed on to work/do research that summer. I absolutely loved my time abroad and consider it my best "Yale decision" -- my independence and linguistic & cultural immersion in a vibrant global city helped me grow differently than I could have at Yale, and I returned to campus this fall feeling refreshed and better prepared to make my last two years here meaningful, happy, and productive. I also loved how CUPA's facilitated direct enrollment program let me take classes with French students at multiple Parisian universities and still benefit from the support network, resources, and host family experience of my tight-knit CUPA community. So, if you have any questions about studying in Paris, CUPA, study abroad as a sophomore or as a STEM major, facilitated direct enrollment, French resumes, finding affordable housing in Paris, or anything else, let me know -- I'd be happy to chat!"

Aakshi Chaba

Hi! I studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain with the IES program. Living in Salamanca for a semester was an incredible experience in every way; I improved my Spanish, made new friends, and learnt a ton about Spanish culture – and myself. I wish I could do it all over again! Please reach out if you'd like to talk about studying abroad in Spain, or anywhere else – I'd love to share more about my experience! "

Pablo Vazquez

Academics are a priority, but I took this Spring semester to fill my life with plenty of small but timeless moments. For example, I decided to learn about watches. Given that Geneva is located in the French speaking canton—or “state”—of the country, I decided to check out Swiss library books in French regarding watches. Over the course of two months I slowly worked my way through chapter after chapter of the history and culture behind mechanical movement. Absolutely , incredible. "

Andrea Aspajo

I studied abroad in Cusco, Peru for a full semester. It was life-changing for me. Although studying abroad can be scary and you might miss out on a few things, it is more than worth it. I'd love to chat if you're interested in doing my program: SIT Peru: Indigenous Peoples and Globalization. "

Isobel Anthony

I studied in Bologna, Italy at L'Università di Bologna (the oldest university in Europe!). My program was called Brown in Bologna and was an incredible way to be in close contact with Northern Italian culture, food, and language. Not only did I learn how to make the perfect tortellini, but I also came away with better language skills, a deep gratitude to Italy, and also a greater appreciation for my time at Yale. Let me know if you ever want to talk about studying abroad because I couldn't recommend it highly enough!"

Andre Faria

I'm Andre, the social media student outreach coordinator for the Study Abroad Office. I studied abroad in a couple different locations. First, I completed my L3/L4 requirements in Germany with the Jena/Berlin Yale Summer Session program. This program transformed German language and culture from just a requirement to a passion of mine--so much so that I'm majoring in it now! Then I spent my sophomore spring in London at University College London. A completely different experience from Germany, being in London taught me how to navigate a city (I come from a very small town), how to exist within the hustle and bustle, and how to make friends outside the comforting campus setting. Finally, I studied for a month in Konstanz, a smaller-sized town in Germany along the Swiss border. Here, I reignited that passion for German, made friends from all over the world, and also got plenty of time out in the summer sun on the Bodensee! If you have the opportunity to go abroad, go--you'll learn so much about yourself and you definitely won't regret it!"

Stephanie Fernandez

I spent a summer studying film in Prague and a semester studying comparative development in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Studying abroad allowed me to critically re-examine my identity in different contexts. I think it’s been essential to my personal and professional development!"

Titilayo Mabogunje

Hello! I did a multi-site Spring study abroad program with IHP called Health and Community: Globalisation, Culture, & Care. It was an amazing experience and I really appreciated the exposure to so many different cultures. At first, I was hesitant to consider studying abroad because of the things that I would miss and the courses for my major I wouldn't be able to take that semester, but I am so glad I went! There are just some things that you cannot learn from a textbook or a classroom, but that only experience will help you understand. If you have similar concerns, or if you just want to talk about the study abroad process, please feel free to contact me and set up a meal!"

Shamsa Derrick

Hi! I'm Shamsa, one of the student outreach coordinators. I studied abroad in Geneva, Switzerland during the summer after my first year. It was such an amazing experience. I got to visit the UN, speak with representatives from various international organizations, and design my own international studies research project. I spent my Junior Spring semester in Rio de Janeiro with a program called CASA Brazil. After studying Portuguese for two years, I spent the semester studying alongside international and Brazilian students at a university in Rio. While attending university I also interned at a think tank and volunteered at an after-school center. I asbolutely fell in love with Brazil and can't wait to go back. Studying abroad for a semester is the best decision I could have made for myself. My advice to anyone is to go abroad as many times as you can! "

Adrianne Owings

Hello! My study abroad experiences have added significantly to my Yale experience. I've done both the Arabic language summer program in Morocco and spent a semester at drama school in London. Both were challenging but incredible and helped me grow as a student/person so much! Would love to chat if you're having hesitations about study abroad or are simply interested :)"

Camilo Tamayo

Oli otya, Namaste, and Olá! I studied abroad in Uganda, India, and Brazil through the SIT IHP Social Innovation program. I went abroad my Sophomore Spring and it was a completely transformative experience. Staying in homestays, traveling to radically different places, and doing it all with a group of passionate, loving people was the experience of a lifetime. I enjoyed it so much I am going abroad again my Junior Spring! If you want to chat about SIT IHP programs, traveling to any of the above countries, or simply taking a more alternative route than Europe in studying abroad, please hit me up."