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Connect with Other Yalies

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Pin:Yale Study Abroad offers resources for you to connect with Yalies who have returned from a study abroad experience or who will be studying abroad at the same time as you. Some of these resources are found on Excel spreadsheets. Students using screen readers who need assistance navigating these documents can meet with a study abroad adviser who can run searches and move the results into a format of the student’s choice. To schedule an appointment, please visit our Meet with a Study Abroad Adviser page.

Yalies Who Have Already Studied Abroad

The link below gives you access the contact information of Yalies who have already studied abroad during either the semester, year, or summer. All students have agreed to connect with prospective study abroad participants.This link takes you to Box at Yale which will prompt you to enter your NetID and password. After logging in, the Excel file will automatically download to your computer. Use the filtered headings to sort by country, program, term abroad, and more.

Link: Yale Study Abroad Alumni

Yalie Program Reports

Many returned study abroad students complete a program report and while each student's experience is unique, these reports can offer you some valuable insight and advice. Read their feedback on classes, living arrangements, cultural adjustment, packing, and more.

Link: Program Reports

Find Yale Clubs Around the World

Yale Clubs are volunteer-led nonprofit groups that bring together members of the Yale family within a given region to connect with each other and their local communities. Just as there are a number of Yale Clubs spread across the country, Yale Alumni clubs exist all around the globe.  Find one and connect with Yalies abroad.

Link: Yale Alumni Clubs