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Petition for Credit: Year or Term Program not on Yale's Designated List

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Credit Petition Process for Year or Term Abroad

Yale Study Abroad will consider petitions for a program not on Yale's designated list on a case-by-case basis. Early planning is essential to ensure that you complete all steps by the deadline. You may only petition for one program per application cycle.

Note:COVID-19 Application Considerations for Fall 2021 and Full Year 2021-2020 Abroad

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of international travel. While we're excited to work with you on the possibility of studying abroad, we cannot guarantee that study abroad will be permitted. At a minimum, Yale College must lift its universal travel restriction, your intended location must be eligible under the Yale University Travel Policy for Yale College Students (“Travel Policy”), and your courses must be offered at least 50% in-person. If you have not already done so, please visit our COVID-19 Updates page for additional information and resources.

Step 1: Review Program Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for petition, programs must meet certain Yale eligibility requirements. Research your intended program to ensure that it meets these criteria. 

Study Abroad Program Minimum Criteria:
  • Yale College must lift its universal travel restriction and the location of the study abroad program cannot be restricted by the Travel Policy
  • Fall 2021 and Full Year 2021-2022: Courses must be offered at least 50% in-person
  • Program will issue an official program transcript with a course title(s), grade(s), and credit(s) from an accredited university
  • The subject(s) you would like to study is offered as a discipline taught at Yale College
  • The semester program is at least 12 teaching weeks in length, or at least half the length of an academic year in the host country. Academic year programs must be at least 24 teaching weeks in length, or comply with academic year standards in the host country.
  • The language of instruction complies with the study abroad language policy. If the language of instruction does not comply with the study abroad language policy, Yale Study Abroad will review petitions for programs whose theme and core courses align with the applicant’s major. If you do not have a background in the host language, you should also be able to articulate your strategies for communicating and engaging with the host community. If approved, you will be required to take the host language as one of your courses abroad. 

Step 2: Note the Petition Deadline

The deadline to petition for a Year or Term Abroad program is April 15 for fall and full year programs and October 15 for spring programs. You should plan to complete the steps below well in advance of the relevant deadline.

Note: Students planning to apply for a program that appears on the designated list will complete the credit application, not the petition. The petition is only for programs not found on the designated list.

Step 3: Meet with a Study Abroad Adviser

Before the petition application deadline, make an appointment with the study abroad adviser responsible for the area of the world where your intended program is located. If you cannot find an available appointment time that works with your schedule and is before the petition deadline, email the relevant adviser directly.

Step 4: Request Support from Your Residential College Dean & DUS

Ideally, 2-3 weeks in advance of the petition application deadline, discuss your study abroad plans with your Residential College Dean and your Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) for your intended major. It is recommended to have received confirmation from a study abroad adviser that your intended program is eligible for petition before you contact the Dean and DUS. If you have more than one major, you will need to have the support of each DUS.

During your meetings with your Dean and DUS, bring detailed information about the program and be prepared to discuss your academic and personal goals.

As part of the online petition, you will send your Dean and DUS an electronic form to indicate their support.

Step 5: Complete and Submit Your Petition

Complete and submit the online petition application by the appropriate deadline: April 15 for fall and full year programs; October 15 for spring programs. 

As we cannot guarantee that your petition will be granted, we strongly recommend that you list a second-choice program from the designated list as a back-up within your petition application. As long as you list the back-up program in your petition application (question #13). You do not need to complete a separate Credit for Year or Term Abroad application to have a back-up.

The Study Abroad Committee will consider the following when reviewing a petition:
  1. Relevance of the program to your academic plan at Yale and to your study abroad goals
  2. Quality of the program's academics and student support services
  3. Support of your Residential College Dean and major DUS

Pin: Don't forget to apply to your program for admission by the relevant deadline.