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SIT IHP/Comparative: Health & Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care


Learn how communities around the world understand and strive for health and well-being. This program will strengthen your ability to understand, interpret, and compare the socio-cultural, ecological, economic, political, and biological factors that affect human health. From North America to South Asia and Africa to South America, in city neighborhoods and rural villages, you will...

SIT Vietnam: Culture, Social Change and Development


Examine economic and social development in the cultural context of Vietnam, one of Asia’s most dynamic and rapidly changing countries. This program examines how, after emerging from decades of war and isolation, Vietnam today is experiencing tremendous growth and, over the last decade, has boasted one of the strongest economies in Asia. Students consider critical issues such as...

Western Samoa

SIT Samoa: Pacific Communities and Social Change


Examine the social, economic, and political impacts of westernization and globalization in the Pacific Islands. This program encourages students to explore processes of change in Samoa and other Pacific communities through interdisciplinary coursework, field study, and independent research. Students consider the impact of new and different values on Pacific Island communities and...