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School for Field Studies Summer in Australia and New Zealand

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Program Information


Northern New Zealand; Yungaburra, Australia; Multiple Locations





Minimum Language Requirement



Environmental Studies




The School for Field Studies Program in Australia and New Zealand examines the dynamics of rainforest ecosystems and works to develop rainforest conservation and restoration strategies that benefit both ecosystems and human communities.



This program offers two sessions that are eligible for general Yale credit. Students may choose to attend either one or both sessions:

  • Session I: Rainforest Management Studies (takes place in Australia & New Zealand)
  • Session II: Techniques for Rainforest Research (takes place only in Australia)

How to Apply

Applying for admission and general Yale credit for designated (non-Yale) study abroad programs is a simultaneous process. It is your responsibility to ensure all application materials are submitted to the Study Abroad Office, and your desired program or university, by the relevant deadlines.

  • Submit an application directly to the Study Abroad Office to be eligible to receive general Yale credit for coursework completed abroad, by the appropriate deadline. Late applications for study abroad credit cannot be accepted.
  • Apply directly to the program or university you hope to attend for admission. Program application deadlines may be earlier or later than Yale’s application deadline. Access the program application directly from their website.
  • You do not need to have already been admitted to your program when you apply for Yale credit.

How to Apply