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IES Abroad in Vienna: Music History & Performance Summer

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Program Information


Vienna, Austria




English, German

Minimum Language Requirement

None; however, beginning language courses cannot be used in fulfillment of Yale’s foreign language requirement.


Humanities, Studio & Performing Arts


Study Center


The IES Vienna Summer Program in Music History & Performance allows you to explore Music History and Music Performance in a city internationally recognized for its historical role in the development of classical music.



All performance courses require review by the DUS of Music before general credit can be transferred to Yale. Be sure to talk with the DUS prior to going abroad so that you understand what is expected of you upon completion of the program in order for the credit to be approved.

How to Apply

Applying for admission and general Yale credit for designated (non-Yale) study abroad programs is a simultaneous process. It is your responsibility to ensure all application materials are submitted to the Study Abroad Office, and your desired program or university, by the relevant deadlines.

  • Submit an application directly to the Study Abroad Office to be eligible to receive general Yale credit for coursework completed abroad, by the appropriate deadline. Late applications for study abroad credit cannot be accepted.
  • Apply directly to the program or university you hope to attend for admission. Program application deadlines may be earlier or later than Yale’s application deadline. Access the program application directly from their website.
  • You do not need to have already been admitted to your program when you apply for Yale credit.

How to Apply