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Dominican Republic

CIEE in Santiago, DR: Liberal Arts


The CIEE Liberal Arts program in Santiago, Dominican Republic is designed for students with an interest in Caribbean area studies. The Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) is a private, nonprofit institution of higher education that has been ranked by the Inter-American Development Bank as the best academic institution of higher learning in the Dominican...


IES Abroad in Quito: Area Studies and Language


The IES Quito Area Studies and Language Program offers both study abroad program and university courses in a variety of disciplines. The program focuses on Ecuador's ecological and ethnic diversity and the challenges of development. Highlights include unique field trips to the Galápagos Islands and the Amazon region.

IES Abroad in Quito: Direct Enrollment at Universidad San Francisco de Quito


Study abroad on the IES Abroad Quito Direct Enrollment Program and take a full course load at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Not tailored to study abroad students, the Direct Enrollment academic experience allows you to take courses with local students and participate in all aspects of the university culture. 

SIT Ecuador: Comparative Ecology and Conservation


Explore tropical ecosystems and study biological sciences to support conservation efforts in Ecuador, one of the world’s most biodiverse countries. This program studies biological and ecological sciences applicable to conservation efforts, using key biological and ecological indicators such as plants, insects, birds, mammals, and other biological taxa. The program looks at the...

SIT Ecuador: Development, Politics, and Languages


Study Ecuador's development processes while considering the relationship between power and discourse as the country's multilingual and multiethnic populations strive for social change and sustainability. On this program, you will study power and politics in Ecuador, focusing specifically on both dominant development paradigms and resistant models that different groups have...


Academic Programs Abroad (APA)


Academic Programs Abroad (APA) provides students with the opportunity to live and study in France by directly enrolling in local university courses. APA program courses supplement these studies, and provide a bridge between the French and American educational systems and cultures. Students have the option of staying with a local family, or independently. Spring semester and full...

Bryn Mawr: Institut d'études françaises d'Avignon Summer


The Institut d'études françaises d'Avignon, under the auspices of Bryn Mawr College, offers a six-week summer program of intensive work in significant aspects of French culture. Avignon is situated in the Rhone Valley, less than fifty miles from the Mediterranean.

Columbia University: Columbia in Paris at Reid Hall


On the Columbia in Paris at Reid Hall program, you enroll in required language and writing courses, as well as elective courses either at Reid Hall or in the French university system. For one of your courses, you may elect to work on a directed research project.

Columbia University: French Studies Program in Paris at Reid Hall Summer


The French Studies Program in Paris at Reid Hall summer program offers intensive French language courses or more advanced humanities and social sciences courses, and provides a variety of cultural activities and excursions. Depending on their language level, students choose from the Intermediate or Advanced Track program. Both tracks offer the chance to combine language study with...



CUPA enrolls students in the University of Paris system and certain Grandes Écoles and specialized institutes, and offers them a challenging program of study fashioned to meet individual interests and requirements, over a semester or a full academic year. Students may also take in-house courses. Special programs in fine and performing arts are available for qualified students.

CUPA Summer


The CUPA summer program is an immersion experience in Paris which provides intensive work in French language, a selection of content courses in Art History, Literature, and the Social Sciences, and abundant opportunities for significant contact with the French language and culture. A language pledge is signed by all participants and must be respected for the duration of the...

IES Abroad in Arles Summer


The IES Arles program offers immersion in southern French culture and French-taught interdisciplinary courses in such areas as French Language, Culture/Francophone Studies, Sociology and Theater.

IES Abroad in Nantes: Study in Nantes


The IES Nantes program offers the opportunity to integrate fully into French society and function completely in French. This program has a close relationship with the Université de Nantes which gives you have access to the school’s libraries, computer labs, cafeterias, and sports facilities. You also have many opportunities to enroll in local university courses.

Washington University: France for the Pre-Med Summer


The Washington University Summer Study in France for the Pre-Med Student program is designed for students interested in French language and cultural studies as well as pre-medical studies. The program aims at total immersion into life in France, while providing students with the opportunity to experience first-hand the French medical system.

Yale Summer Session in Auvillar: Travel Writing

Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad (YSS)

There are only two plots in all of literature, claimed the late John Gardner: the story of a journey, and of a stranger coming to town. Most travel literature is both: the story of a journey as well as a tale of a stranger, stepping into an alien land. This program examines travel writing, surveying a wide range of works, from long-form “place” essays to destination articles, from...

Yale Summer Session in Paris: Advanced Culture and Conversation

Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad (YSS)

This program is an intensive oral practice for advanced students, which will bring you up-to-date with French culture and current events as you experience day-to-day life in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. You’ll study the language and explore the many facets of Paris. In small groups, you’ll conduct surveys and interviews, documenting your work with photographs. You’...

Yale Summer Session in Paris: Advanced Language Practice

Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad (YSS)

An advanced language course intended to improve comprehension of spoken and written French and speaking and writing skills through the study of films, modern fiction and non-fiction texts. Museum trips, walking tours, and theater performances complement the readings and further students’ appreciation of Paris. The syllabus below is from last summer; participants will receive this...

Yale Summer Session in Paris: Age of Cathedrals

Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad (YSS)

A study of the culture and monuments of the High Middle Ages in France, with visits to Notre-Dame de Paris, Saint Denis, Chartres, Sainte-Chapelle, Amiens, Beauvais, Reims, the Cité de l'Architecture, Cluny Museum,  and discussion of accompanying historical, literary, and philosophical works by Peter Abelard, Abbot Suger, Rutebeuf, Saint Bernard, Joinville, Thibaut de Champagne,...

Yale Summer Session in Paris: Belle Époque France

Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad (YSS)

A study of important works of literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and the decorative arts in turn-of-the-century France (1870-1914). This course will acquaint students with the principal literary and artistic forms, social trends, political movements, scientific theories, and technological innovations of the Belle Époque, with visits to museums, architectural...

Yale Summer Session in Paris: Elementary and Intermediate French I & II

Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad (YSS)

An intensive program designed for students with no previous study of French. This program focuses on developing all language skills, communicative proficiency, self-expression, and cultural insights through extensive use of authentic audio, video material, and field trips. Conducted entirely in un-simplified French. Daily classroom attendance, language laboratory work, and...