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School for Field Studies Summer in Bhutan


The School for Field Studies (SFS) Eastern Himalayan Forests and Rural Livelihoods summer program introduces students to Bhutanese culture, society, and environment. Traveling and trekking across valleys and ridges and through villages, students gain an intimate knowledge of the diverse ecosystems and rural livelihood strategies, and conduct research on Bhutan’s priority...


SIT IHP/Comparative: Climate Change: The Politics of Food, Water, and Energy


Study the social impacts of climate change through the political economy of food, water, and energy in some of the world's most productive and vulnerable landscapes. This program examines the interconnections between the economics, politics, geography, and science of climate change and its effects on human society. You will learn about the varied impacts of climate change —...


Brown in Brazil


The Brown University program at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro provides students a unique opportunity for complete immersion in the Brazilian culture. Students benefit from its rigorous curriculum and direct engagement with Brazilian students, and develop their individualized course of study in consultation with the Brown Program Director and local...

SIT Brazil: Public Health, Race and Human Rights


Study healthcare policy and community well-being in Brazil. Investigate how grassroots organizations, community activists, university professors, and political activists work together to improve access to healthcare and other basic services. This program provides an in-depth exploration of healthcare in different groups and communities in Brazil. You will study how individual as...

SIT IHP/Comparative: Cities in the 21st Century: People, Planning and Politics


Explore how geography, politics, economics, and culture shape social relations and the built environment — and with what consequences — in cities across the globe. This program combines an innovative urban studies curriculum with fieldwork involving key actors and stakeholders — public agencies, planners, elected officials, NGOs, and grassroots organizations. You will spend time...

SIT IHP/Comparative: Health & Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care


Learn how communities around the world understand and strive for health and well-being. This program will strengthen your ability to understand, interpret, and compare the socio-cultural, ecological, economic, political, and biological factors that affect human health. From North America to South Asia and Africa to South America, in city neighborhoods and rural villages, you will...

Yale Summer Session in Paraty & Rio de Janeiro: Elementary Portuguese for Romance Language Speakers I & II + Culture

Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad (YSS)

An intensive elementary program in Portuguese language emphasizing development of all language skills, with an introduction to Brazilian cultural history which covers essential themes and figures from 1500 to the present; conducted in English with sessions in Portuguese in Brazil. This program completes the Portuguese language requirement for Latin American Studies majors. The...


SIT Cameroon: Development & Social Change


Examine social, economic, and political development patterns in one of Africa's most ethnically and geographically diverse countries. The program explores two main topics: development theories and practices as well as the changing cultures, politics, and economy in Cameroon. It will enable you to refresh and build up your knowledge of development through carefully selected case...


IES Abroad in Santiago: Study in Santiago


The IES Abroad Santiago program offers a rigorous curriculum taught in Spanish. Students on this program may combine IES program courses with regular university courses at the Universidad de Chile and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. For students interested in health care, there is also an opportunity to enroll in a unique Health Studies option.

IFSA Butler in Chile: Chilean Universities Program


The Chilean Universities Programs in Santiago or Valparaíso offer students the chance to immerse themselves in Chilean culture. Students take a combination of program-taught course and regular university courses. Additional options include directed research, language partners, and volunteer opportunities. 

SIT IHP/Comparative: Human Rights: Foundations, Challenges, and Advocacy


Investigate the historical and social contexts of human rights movements, including the roles of culture, identity, political economy, and international law in four different countries. On this program, human rights serves as an entry point to frame a broader inquiry into the nature of dehumanization, oppression, and life affirming movements for justice. You will examine how the...


ACC Intensive Chinese Language and Culture Program


The Associated Colleges in China (ACC) is an intensive Chinese language program administered by Hamilton College and hosted by Minzu University of China (MUC) in Beijing. ACC is considered one of the top programs in China for its academic rigor, quality teaching, highly interactive and individualized instruction, culturally enriching class activities, and innovative curriculum.

ACC Intensive Chinese Language and Culture Summer Program in Beijing


The Associated Colleges in China (ACC) is an intensive Chinese language program administered by Hamilton College and hosted by Minzu University of China (MUC) in Beijing. ACC is considered one of the top programs in China for its academic rigor, quality teaching, highly interactive and individualized instruction, culturally enriching class activities, and innovative curriculum.

CET in China: Intensive Chinese Language in Beijing Summer


The CET Intensive Chinese Language in Beijing summer program offers intensive Chinese language classes, excursions, and Chinese roommates. All students honor a full-time Chinese language pledge.

CET in China: Intensive Chinese Language in Harbin


The CET program in Harbin offers a full load of language classes, a one-on-one study in a topic of your choice, a full-time language pledge, and housing with a Chinese roommate.

CET in China: Intensive Chinese Language in Harbin Summer


The CET Intensive Chinese Language in Harbin summer program attracts students who are up to the challenge of true immersion into an environment with few English-speaking foreigners. Students abide by a full-time language pledge and explore Harbin, a location chosen for its standard Mandarin, with Chinese roommates. The curriculum, perfect for students with research interests,...

CET in China: Intensive Chinese Language in Kunming Summer


The CET Intensive Chinese Language in Kunming summer program is designed to efficiently improve language skills during a short and intensive term. The core curriculum targets general language skills, while elective classes allow for a specialized focus. The Chinese language pledge and Chinese roommates complement a program that has been called by students "language boot camp".

Duke in China: Summer Program


The Duke in China Summer Program offers an intensive summer language program based in Beijing. The curriculum is designed to provide maximum exposure to Chinese language and society, with a well-articulated core language curriculum reinforced by effective co-curricular programs including language partners, task-based language practicum, Chinese host family and roommate options,...

Global Summer Program (GSP)

Global Summer Program

The International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) Global Summer Program is an exciting learning experience for undergraduate students at eleven of the world's leading research-intensive universities. The IARU Global Summer Program provides intensive, residential summer courses taught in English to students from IARU member institutions. By participating in this program,...

Harvard Summer Program in Beijing: Harvard Beijing Academy


The Harvard Summer Program in Beijing, also called Harvard-Beijing Academy (HBA), gives Chinese language students the opportunity to explore this richly historic city while participating in intensive language instruction. The program offers intensive courses in modern Chinese at the intermediate and advanced levels, as well as a one-week social study project. The curriculum is...