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Singapore, Singapore


Academic Year, Fall, Spring



Minimum Language Requirement


Areas of Focus

Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, STEM


Direct Enrollment


Update: Yale-NUS College has resumed its inbound programming since Spring 2022. Please apply directly via the "Program Website" button below.  

Note that this is not technically an "exchange" program (although Yale-NUS uses that wording) in the sense that there is not an equal number of students from each institution participating and the payment structure is more like that of a study abroad program. Yale students will need to be nominated/approved by the Yale Study Abroad Office as part of the application process. Email lauren.perrino@yale.edu to request a nomination in order to receive the application. The Yale-NUS application deadline is Thursday, Sept. 22, 2022 for the Spring 2023 term.  

Founded in 2011 by Yale and the National University of Singapore, Yale-NUS College is the first liberal arts college in Singapore. Yale-NUS invites you to study on their campus for a semester or full academic year. Gain experience, meet new people and take advantage of all the opportunities available in vibrant, cosmopolitan Singapore. In addition to world-class academics, as a visiting student you will have access to a wide variety of programs and services, including all of the Yale-NUS athletic and leisure facilities, and will live in the residential colleges.

Be sure to see the "Yale-NUS Academic Resource Hub" (Facebook page) to find fellows students who can give you much more detail!

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Detailed information about this program, including courses, housing, and fees, is available on the program website.

In order to study abroad for credit, you must complete two applications. You will need to both apply to your program for admission (via the program website) and apply to Yale for approval to receive credit.

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