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Program Information


Canberra, Australia


Academic Year, Fall, Spring



Minimum Language Requirement


Areas of Focus

Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, STEM


Direct Enrollment


One of Australia's most prestigious universities, Australian National University (ANU) offers a visiting student program that combines academic study with a wealth of social and cultural opportunities over a period of one to two semesters. The University's mix of outstanding resources, excellent support services and distinguished academic staff encourages academic success in a city ideally suited for visiting students integration of research and teaching.

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Detailed information about this program, including courses, housing, and fees, is available on the program website.

In order to study abroad for credit, you must complete two applications. You will need to both apply to your program for admission (via the program website) and apply to Yale for approval to receive credit.

Program Website Apply for Credit



The academic year in Australia begins in February and ends in November, with a break (June/July) between the first and second semesters. You may have to attend an orientation session prior to the start of classes.


Yale does not grant credit for pre-semester courses.

Direct enrollment vs. study abroad provider

You can choose to either apply directly through the university for admission, or apply through the study abroad provider, Arcadia Global Studies.

Applying through a study abroad provider still allows you to directly enroll at the university, but with an additional level of services and support. Because of these additional services, it often costs more to study abroad through a provider than to apply directly through the university. We encourage you to research both options before making a decision. If you have any questions, contact a study abroad adviser.

Yale Study Abroad Adviser

Susan Evans