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Program Report Guidelines

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Provided below are a list of talking points to help guide you as you write your report. While we would like you to use the following topic headings, this list is not an exhaustive list, nor do you have to answer every question.

Please provide enough information to give both staff and future students a good overview of your study abroad experience. We strongly encourage you to include photos as well.

Your report will be invaluable to us in advising students and reassessing our approved program list. If you have any questions, please contact

Student Information

If you would like to submit your program report anonymously, send your program report directly to rather than submitting it through the CIPE Program Reports database.

  • Name
  • College
  • Class
  • Major(s)
  • Term Abroad
  • Are you willing to be contacted by other Yalies about your experience?

Overall Assessment

  • Please tell us why you would or would not recommend this program/university.
  • Semester & Academic Year Students: What advice would you give to a fellow student who is thinking about studying abroad, but is concerned about leaving Yale during the academic year?
  • What advice do you have for future students who will attend this program/university?
  • Study Abroad Preparation
  • List any resources that were helpful to you as you prepared for your time abroad.
  • List anything you wish you had known prior to studying abroad.


  • Describe the courses you took abroad.
  • Who were your classmates?
  • How was your work assessed?
  • Describe the academic culture of your host-country.
  • If you anticipate using work you did abroad as part of your work here at Yale (ex. senior essay, continued language study, change in major), please describe.
  • Overall comments on the academics.

Language (if applicable)

  • What was your level of language preparation before going abroad?
  • Did you feel adequately prepared to do all your coursework in the host language?
  • How would you rate your program's commitment to language learning?
  • Was there a language pledge?
  • How well did your experience abroad help to improve your language proficiency?
  • Do you anticipate continuing this language study upon your return to campus?

Cultural Learning

  • Given your experience, how might others best get to know the people and culture of your host country?
  • Were there issues relating to religion, gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, disability or other differences in cultural attitude that others studying in your host-country should know before going?
  • What was the biggest challenge you faced in adjusting to your host country?
  • What was the most rewarding aspect of your cultural learning?

Housing & Food

  • Describe your housing situation.
  • How did you commute to school? How long did it take you?
  • Were meals provided or did you have to cook for yourself?
  • Could this program/location accommodate special dietary requirements?
  • Did you have access to internet?

Computers & Technology

  • Would you recommend future students bring a laptop?
  • How did you communicate with family and friends at home?
  • Advice on cell phones abroad.


  • Provide an estimate of how much spending money you needed in order to cover daily expenses not covered by your program fees. What was this money used for?
  • How did you access funds from abroad?

Program/University Facilities & Resources

  • Did the program/university staff offer adequate assistance and support when needed?
  • Please describe the library/classroom facilities available to you.
  • If applicable, describe any cultural opportunities or excursions planned by your program/university.