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Global Travel Assistance

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International SOS: Yale's Travel Assistance Provider

Note: Visit Yale's International SOS main page for more comprehensive information. 

All Yale College students are automatically covered by International SOS (ISOS) for global travel assistance and evacuation services when you are more than 100 miles from your permanent residence.

ISOS provides 24/7/365 service, including, but not limited to: 
  • medical and dental referrals 
  • mental health support
  • coordination of payment for out-of-country medical bills (for coverage up to $250,000)*
  • access to real-time security and safety information
  • facilitation of emergency evacuations
  • translation services
  • assistance with replacement of lost travel documents
  • and more

*For students participating in an approved study abroad program, ISOS provides coverage for up to $250,000 in out-of-country medical expenses for treatment of illness or injury that occur while participating in your program. This coverage includes 14 days of personal travel deviation outside of the program dates. (Note: Travel assistance and evacuation coverage applies at all times. Only the out-of-country medical expenses are limited to the program dates and 14 additional days.) ISOS is not health insurance and cannot cover routine costs.

Undertaking University Business in Home Country

Travelers who hold citizenship or have primary residence outside of the United States and will undertake Yale-related business (including students traveling on study abroad programs, doing research, attending conferences, or student organization travel) in their country of citizenship or primary residence may not have full access to ISOS medical and evacuation services. Other International SOS services remain available as needed, such as medical referrals, lost document assistance, and mental health services. Please contact if you have questions about eligibility for coverage when undertaking university business in your country of citizenship or primary residence.

Students on a Leave of Absence

Students taking a leave of absence from Yale College continue to have access to International SOS travel assistance and evacuation services. However, as with all personal travel not sponsored by Yale, out-of-country medical coverage is not available to students while on a leave of absence. Students on a leave of absence also do not have coverage through the Yale Health plan. Please contact Yale Health Member Services for more information and visit the Yale International Toolkit for more insurance options. We also encourage you to speak with a parent/guardian about individual or governmental insurance plans available to you.

To contact ISOS for assistance:
  • By phone:
    • Call the in-country numbers listed on the ISOS card or call the dedicated Yale ISOS phone number 1-215-942-8478. You may ask the operator to reverse the charges.
    • Have the Yale member number ready when you call: 11B824535. This number can also be found on your ISOS card.
  • Via the ISOS Assistance App.
  • When in doubt, contact ISOS. They are happy to help with your inquiry and will direct you as necessary.
Before you go:
  • Download, print, and carry your ISOS membership card. Be sure to keep it with you while you travel.
  • Save a picture of the ISOS card in your Google Drive or on the phone/device you will take abroad.
  • Download the ISOS Assistance App.
  • Tell your family about the ISOS service. Send them the ISOS links (in the box below) or a copy of the card. 
  • Inform your onsite study abroad program staff that you are covered by this service.
  • Contact ISOS to discuss any health or security concerns related to your destination. 

Link: International SOS Assistance

International SOS ID Card

International SOS Assistance App