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Accessing Yale's Resources

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Yale Library Resources

To use licensed e-resources such as the JAMA e-journal or the ArtSTOR database, you need to be identified as a Yale University Library patron. Since many Yale applications are restricted to the Yale campus computers, you'll need to download the Yale VPN Client to access restricted resources from abroad

Note: Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

All Yale students who access Yale resources using Central Authentication System (CAS) from off campus or VPN from anywhere are required to use (Multifactor Authentication) MFA. MFA requires a user to prove his or her identity after entering a NetID and password by responding to a prompt using a mobile device, landline, tablet, or token. For more information, review Yale's Secure Computing. You are encouraged to set up MFA prior to your departure.

Yale Faculty & Your Major DUS

Keep in touch with Yale faculty members, especially those from whom you might request letters of recommendation in the future. Past study abroad students have found it helpful to let others know they will be gone for the semester and to periodically check in to let faculty know what they have been learning abroad. 

If you are hoping to fulfill major requirements with coursework completed abroad, remember that credit toward the major is awarded at the discretion of the DUS of the relevant department. (Yale Study Abroad can award credit toward general graduation requirements only.) All departments will want to see evidence of work completed before approving the use of courses toward the major. We recommend that students bring back all course work, exams (if possible), and course notes from abroad, as these may be helpful to the department reviewing your request for major credit. Stay in touch with your DUS especially during your course selection.