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Program Cost

Current budgets for the upcoming summer are generally available in late January. Refer to each program page to view the most up-to-date budget information. Please note that program budgets may be subject to change in the event of significant fluctuations in currency exchange rates.


Payment Information

FAQ: Why am I charged an Administrative Fee and Program Deposit?

A $150 non-refundable Administrative Fee and an $200 non-refundable Program Deposit is charged upon admission to hold your place in the program. The Administrative Fee covers expenses incurred in arranging program logistics. The Program Deposit covers initial expenses incurred abroad related to your participation. 

FAQ: When is the full payment amount due?

All direct billed expenses (Program Deposit and Administrative Fee, Tuition, Program Fee, International Housing and, if applicable, New Haven Housing) are to be paid in full no later than two weeks before the start date of the program. Specific payment deadlines are available in each student's MyCIPE account following admission into the program.

FAQ: Where do I make payments?

Payments are processed by the Office of Student Financial Services (SFS). Payments in the form of a check should be out to Yale University and sent to SFS at P.O. Box 208232, New Haven, CT 06520-8232. Yale students can pay online through ePay. Additional payment details will be included in your MyCIPE account following admission into the program.

FAQ: What charges will appear on the bill I receive from Student​ Financial Services?

Student Financial Services will bill you for the $150 non-refundable Administrative Fee, the $200 non-refundable Program Deposit, relevant Program Fee, Tuition, and International Housing costs. The bill will reflect any scholarships or awards you have received. If a particular program charges you directly for additional fees, that charge will also appear on your bill. If you are participating in a language program with a New Haven component and you chose to be placed in on-campus housing you will have two housing charges on your student account: Summer Housing and International Housing.

FAQ: How will my International Study Award (ISA) be applied?

If you are the recipient an International Study Award (ISA), these funds will be directly deposited into your student account. Student Financial Services administers the ISA, making every effort to process the awards as soon as possible. If there is a balance due for your program, you can pay the difference after the funds are deposited. However, please note the following:

  • You should not wait for the ISA funds to be disbursed before making your travel arrangements; purchase your airline ticket soon after you are admitted to get the best possible price.
  • Effective Summer 2020, if you are participating in a language program which begins in New Haven the ISA will provide free on-campus housing and meal plan for the New Haven period.
  • You should pay any remaining balance on your spring semester bill before ISA funds are posted.

FAQ: What is the refund policy if I withdraw from the program?

If you wish to withdraw from the program, contact studyabroad@yale.edu and indicate the reason for your withdrawal.

Once you have been admitted to the program, you are charged the non-refundable $150 Administrative Fee and $200 Program Deposit. Depending on the date of your withdrawal, you may owe additional fees.*

  Withdrawal Schedule Fees Owed
More Than 2 Weeks Prior to Program Start 15 calendar days or earlier before the program start date Administrative Fee and Program Deposit
2 Weeks Prior to Program Start From 14 calendar days until day before the program start date Administrative Fee and Program Deposit + 25% International Housing
Week 1 of Program From program start date until 4 pm (EST) Friday of first week Administrative Fee and Program Deposit + International Housing + Program Fee
Week 2 of Program From 4:01 pm (EST) Friday of first week until 4 pm (EST) Friday of second week Administrative Fee and Program Deposit + International Housing + Program Fee + 50% Tuition, also the last chance to withdraw without a W appearing on the transcript
After Week 2 of Program 4:01 pm (EST) Friday of second week or later All Program Charges, and a W will appear on the transcript

*Programs that begin on the Yale campus: If you have opted for campus housing, and no longer need it, you will receive a refund of the New Haven Housing - Room & Board cost only if:

  • You opt out of campus housing by 4:00 p.m. (EST) the Friday before the start of the program by e-mailing studyabroad@yale.edu; or
  • You notify the Housing Manager in the Summer Housing Office, have your room inspected, return your room keys, and vacate the room before 4 pm (EST) Friday of the first week of classes.

FAQ: Could the program be cancelled?

The Dean of Yale Summer Session reserves the right to cancel any program abroad if enrollment is insufficient. In the event of a cancellation, all program charges will be removed from your YalePay account.

FAQ: Where can I learn more about admissions, academics, and housing regulations for Yale Summer Session Programs?

Please review Yale Summer Session Program Policies.

Need-based Funding

International Study Award

The International Study Award (ISA) provides a stipend for one summer experience abroad for all eligible undergraduates receiving Yale financial aid. The deadline to apply for the ISA is May 1st. For more information please visit the ISA website and attend an ISA information session. ISA questions should be directed to isa@yale.edu.

Note: Students using an ISA to participate in Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad that begin in New Haven will be eligible for free on-campus housing and meal plan for that period.

Note: If eligible for the ISA, you must complete two applications by their relevant deadlines. The Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad application must be submitted by February 15 and the ISA application must be submitted by May 1. 

Yale Summer Session Financial Assistance

Yale Summer Session (YSS) offers financial assistance for tuition to Yale College students who receive financial aid during the regular academic year and are participating in YSS New Haven, online, or abroad. The financial assistance does not exceed one-half the tuition for up to 2 Yale credits (a maximum award of $4,350 for Summer 2020). Financial assistance cannot be applied to courses within the program that receive transfer credit. Any modification to the program/course(s) of study may result in the reduction or cancelation of the financial assistance.

If you are participating in a YSS Program Abroad, you are eligible to apply for financial assistance only if you have already used an International Study Award (ISA). You cannot use financial assistance and an ISA simultaneously for a single program.

  • If you intend to participate in two summer experiences abroad in the same year (2 YSS Programs Abroad, or 1 YSS Program Abroad and 1 other summer experience), you may use an ISA for one and receive financial assistance for a YSS Program Abroad.
  • If you intend to participate in a YSS Program Abroad as well as a New Haven or online Yale Summer Session course in the same year, you may use an ISA for the program abroad and YSS financial assistance for the New Haven or online course.

Eligible students should request consideration by answering the relevant question on the program application form.

Yale Students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Students enrolled in the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences may be eligible for the GSAS Summer Language Institution Fellowship for Yale Summer Session Courses.

Merit-based Funding

Be sure to check the deadlines early! 

Outside Scholarships

Student observing the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, China

You may also want to consider applying for study abroad scholarships through outside organizations. If you'll be attending a Non-Yale program, be sure to check with your study abroad provider to see if they might offer funding opportunities. Keep in mind that external funding application deadlines can be much earlier than those at Yale.

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