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What We Do

Welcome! We’re excited that your student has decided to study abroad. As a part of the Center for International and Professional Experience (CIPE), Yale Study Abroad works with undergraduate Yale students before, during, and after their participation in credit-bearing study abroad programs. Our office also oversees all Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad, working with faculty and students on approximately 30 different programs around the world that are offered for Yale College credit.

Due to FERPA regulations, our office may not be able to provide you with specific information about your student’s study abroad plans. Please be sure to check in with your student regularly about the information they receive from us and from their program.



Students are responsible for adhering to all deadlines when applying to study abroad and when fulfilling post-approval requirements. Students who miss Yale’s deadlines are not able to receive credit for their academic experience abroad.

Please note that Year or Term Abroad and Non-Yale Summer Abroad programs may have additional deadlines that differ from Yale’s deadlines. Students who choose to participate in these types of programs must apply both to Yale and to their selected program.


Health & Safety

Yale Study Abroad places the utmost importance on student safety, security, and well-being on programs abroad. We provide students with information and resources while emphasizing each student’s personal responsibility for being vigilant in their travels.

Our Health & Safety section of our website includes information on emergency contacts, international travel assistance, health insurance, prescription medications, disability-related accommodations, sexual harassment and assault, and more.


Travel Information

Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad:

After admission, students receive a detailed program guidebook, which includes arrival and departure information (such as the arrival date and the nearest airport/train station), among other important information. Yale does not book arrival and departure travel arrangements for students. However, Yale does collect student arrival and departure itineraries to monitor their travels at the start and end of the program.

Please ask your student to share their program guidebook, especially if you will be making travel arrangements on their behalf. In addition to the guidebook, you may view other Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad Policies here.

Year or Term Abroad & Non-Yale Summer Abroad:

Students receive travel-related details directly from their program.


Costs & Payment

Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad:

Charges are posted to the Student Information System (SIS). You may ignore the payment deadline, as SIS does not post the appropriate deadline by program. Instead, all program fees are due 2 weeks before the start of the program. If your student will be receiving an International Study Award, then payment is not due until after the ISA funds have been dispersed.

Year or Term Abroad & Non-Yale Summer Abroad:

All costs are billed by and paid directly to the program. Students are responsible for making payments by the program due date. Yale does not charge students who are not participating in Yale programs.


Staying in Touch

It can be helpful to set up a schedule for communicating with your student, whether by phone, Skype, What’s App, social media, email, or blog. Bear in mind that access to internet and WiFi may not be as available as it is in the U.S.

Visiting Your Student Abroad:

If you intend to visit your student abroad, we recommend planning your trip before or after the program dates, or during a scheduled break. Students are not permitted to miss class or other required program activities when families are visiting. Additionally, family members are not permitted to attend class sessions or program activities.