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Credit/D/Fail on Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad

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Credit/D/Fail on Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad

A limited number of Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad have courses which are available for Yale College students to elect to receive a grade of Credit/D/Fail.


Yale College students on Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad may choose to convert one course to Credit/D/Fail only if the selected program has two courses that are taken simultaneously. For example, a program that includes both a language and a cultural course simultaneously would qualify. Two courses taken sequentially would not.

List of 2019 qualifying programs:

Limits on the Number of Courses Taken Credit/D/Fail

Yale College students may count up to four credits taken Credit/D/Fail toward the bachelor's degree, and choosing to take a course Credit/D/Fail in the summer will count toward that limit.

Note:Since Yale Summer Session language courses abroad count for three credits, students who elect Credit/D/Fail for the language portion of the abroad program would be utilizing three of the four total credits allowed for Credit/D/Fail.

Distributional and Major Requirements

Courses taken Credit/D/Fail may not be applied toward fulfillment of distributional requirements, including the language requirement, and some departments do not accept courses taken Credit/D/Fail toward major requirements. It is the student's responsibility to work with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in his or her major prior to studying abroad to discuss how taking a course Credit/D/Fail might impact the completion of major requirements.

Deadline for Choosing to Convert to Credit/D/Fail Grade

Students have until 4:00 p.m. EST the third Wednesday following the start of the program to convert a course grade to Credit/D/Fail.