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Petition for Credit: Summer Programs not on Yale's Designated List

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Credit Petition Process for Summer Programs

The Study Abroad Committee will consider petitions for a program not on Yale's designated list on a case-by-case basis. In order to petition for a study abroad program not on the Designated List, you must follow these steps in order. Be sure to check the petition application deadline and plan your time accordingly. 

Step 1: Review Program Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for petition, programs must meet certain Yale eligibility requirements. Research your intended program to ensure that it meets these criteria. 

Study Abroad Program Minimum Criteria:
  1. Program will issue an official program transcript with a course title(s), grade(s), and credit(s) from an accredited university
  2. The location of the study abroad program is not restricted by the Yale University International Travel Policy
  3. The subject(s) you would like to study is offered as a discipline taught at Yale College
  4. Each summer course teaching length is at least 4 weeks and has at least 32.5 contact hours

Note:Yale does not award credit for internships. For this reason, you can only submit a petition for a summer program with an internship component if you will be enrolled in 2 credit-eligible courses. If you are seeking a full-time summer international internship instead, we suggest visiting the Office of Career Strategy website.

Step 2: Meet with a Study Abroad Adviser

At least 3 weeks in advance of the petition application deadline, make an appointment with the study abroad adviser responsible for the area of the world where your intended program is located. You cannot submit a petition application before meeting with a study abroad adviser. Because advisers will need time to review program information prior to your meeting, petitions will not be reviewed during walk-in hours. If you have trouble finding an available appointment time that works with your schedule, email the relevant adviser directly.

In your appointment request, include the following program information:

  1. Link to program website
  2. Dates of program

During your appointment, the adviser will discuss the program with you and confirm whether it is eligible to be considered for a petition.

Pin: In your advising appointment, be prepared to discuss:

  • Details of your program
  • Your academic and personal goals related to the program
  • Why you believe this program is better suited to you academically and personally compared with other programs in that region and/or other programs with similar focus

Step 3: Request Support from the Relevant DUS

Please do not complete the steps below until you have met with a study abroad adviser and have received confirmation that your intended study abroad program is eligible for petition.

2-3 weeks in advance of the petition application deadline, meet with the relevant Yale Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) based on your intended study abroad course(s).  

For your petition to be approved, you must be able to show that you have support from the relevant DUS. For instance, if you intend to take a History course abroad, you will contact the DUS of History even if your major is Biology. If you will be petitioning to take courses in multiple departments, you will need to have the support of each relevant DUS.

Prior to your meeting, email the DUS the following program information:

  1. Link to program website
  2. Course syllabi

During your meeting, bring detailed information about the program and be prepared to discuss your academic and personal goals.

If the DUS agrees to support your petition, you will send them an online form to complete as part of your petition process. You can access this form through the online petition application.

Step 4: Submit your Petition Application for Credit

By March 1, complete and submit the online petition application.

As we cannot guarantee that your petition will be granted, we strongly recommend that you list a second-choice program from the designated list as a back-up within your petition application. As long as you list the back-up program in your petition application (question #11), you do not need to complete a separate Credit for Non-Yale Summer Abroad application.

The Study Abroad Committee will consider the following when reviewing a petition:
  1. Relevance of the program to your academic plan at Yale and to your study abroad goals
  2. Quality of the program's academics and student support services
  3. Support of the relevant Director(s) of Undergraduate Studies

Pin:Don't forget to apply to your program for admission by the relevant deadline.