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Yale Summer Session in Paraty & Rio de Janeiro: Elementary Portuguese for Romance Language Speakers I & II + Culture

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Program Information


New Haven, United States; Paraty, Brazil; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil




Sunday, May 28, 2017 to Saturday, July 22, 2017



Area of Focus

Arts & Humanities

Distributional Requirements

Fulfills L1 & L2 & Hu distributional requirement


Study Center

Course Number

PORT S112-S122 & S352


4 Yale credits


Elizabeth Jackson    |   K. David Jackson 


Minimum completion of L3 in another Romance Language.


An intensive elementary program in Portuguese language emphasizing development of all language skills, with an introduction to Brazilian cultural history which covers essential themes and figures from 1500 to the present; conducted in English with sessions in Portuguese in Brazil. This program completes the Portuguese language requirement for Latin American Studies majors.

The syllabus below is from last summer; participants will receive this summer's syllabus at the start of the program.


Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad updates program budgets in late January. Please note the year listed on the button below.

Summer 2017 Budget

Trips and Activities

On arrival in Paraty, tour the city with a local historian. Prepare a Brazilian lunch with master chef Yara Roberts at the Academy of Cooking, spend a full day on a schooner in the bay visiting island beaches, travel to a Quilombo for an authentic feijoada luncheon, tour the community and visit a capoeira school.

In Rio de Janeiro, set off for the Burle Marx botanical estate, with over 5,000 species, have lunch overlooking the coast line followed by the folk art museum, Casa do Pontal with over 8,000 objects representing regional folk culture. Learn to samba with a winner of Brazil's "dancing with the stars." Spend a night at the open air samba performances at Pedra do Sal, gather at the famous Confeitaria Colombo for tea and desserts, learn about black culture at the Museu do Negro, visit some of Rio's oldest churches. Rio has notable museums of modern art, one of Brazil's oldest seminaries with Gregorian chant, and the new Museum of the Future. Attend a performance at the Teatro Municipal. The classrooms are just a short walk away from the beaches of Ipanema. For our farewell dinner spend the evening at a churrascaria, one of Brazil's specialties.


Students stay in the Pousada da Condessa in Paraty and classes will meet at the Pousada.

In Rio, students live with host families, who will provide breakfast and dinner daily. Please keep in mind that accommodations with host families will vary. Classes take place daily at IBEU-Ipanema (Instituto Brasil-Estados Unidos). Students will commute to class by bus or by walking. Students must leave housing on the last day of the program.


Three weeks in New Haven, on the Yale campus, followed by one week in Paraty, and four weeks in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements; additional information will be provided upon admission.


For course content questions contact instructors, Elizabeth Jackson or K. David Jackson. For general program questions contact the Study Abroad staff.

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