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Note: In case of an emergency abroad, call in order:

  1. Local emergency service (NOTE: 911 is not a universal emergency number)
  2. Onsite program staff: Director or On-Call Number
  3. United Healthcare Global: (call collect) 1-410-453-6330
    Provide the Yale Group ID # 364416 for travel assistance. If you were enrolled in or purchased health insurance through UHC Global, also provide your personal health insurance ID #.
  4. 24-hour Yale Security: 1-203-785-5555
  5. Yale Study Abroad Office: 1-203-432-8684

In an emergency, it is imperative that you first contact local, on-the-ground support in order to receive the urgent assistance needed. Next, utilize the services of United Healthcare Global for travel assistance, which includes emergency services, such as evacuation, if needed. Then, notify Yale through the 24/7 Security number. Yale Study Abroad is only open during business hours. Finally, contact your family to update them and ensure they know how to reach you. 

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