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Q&A with Yale Study Abroad Alumni

As you consider your study abroad options, remember that one of the best resources will be your peers that have gone before you. Check out the profiles below to learn about the variety of experiences Yale students have had, including studying Political Science in Germany, conducting Environmental Studies research in Australia, and taking Engineering courses in the UK. 

Stefani Kuo

Coming back from my semester abroad, I didn’t expect to feel reverse culture shock because I am from Hong Kong and didn’t think I considered America or New Haven home, but the reality of it was that I had become accustomed to life here, and when I came back my new feelings of home in France tugged me back towards it."

Monica DiLeo

I chose my program because I knew that I wanted the chance to do independent research, since I had not otherwise had that experience, and was able to spend the last five weeks of the program working full time on a project I had designed myself. While that was initially intimidating, it was totally worth the effort!"

Hannah Geressu

Because I am majoring in German and Political Science, I wanted to find a program that would allow me to fulfill credits for both. Luckily, the European Union program fit perfectly with my academic plans."

Emmet Hedin

Now that I'm back on campus, I feel more engaged, happy and reflective than I did during any of my previous five semesters at Yale! Going abroad helped me gain perspective on my values."

Tali Perelman

I (now) approach new ideas with a more open mind."

Sereena Tucker

I engaged with my new culture by actively trying to become friends with Italian students during class and around my university. Rather than surround myself with American students, I tried to live like an Italian student and hang out with locals."

Yetunde Meroe

I regret only one thing - not studying abroad for a year."

Shalila de Bourmont

I learned about sustainable food systems by farming, I learned about political ecology by living in rural villages and hiking through the mountains, I learned about marine ecosystems by sea kayaking through them and snorkeling every day. And most importantly, I learned about Thai culture through intense language immersion and homestay families."

Clara Mokri

While I learned a lot in the classroom, I gained the most from the relationships that I made with the local artists we interviewed for our documentary and by participating in arts education at a local primary school."